Iacopo Iacoponi

Iacopo Iacoponi was born in 1982 in Fiesole. Raised in Florence, since childhood he was fascinated by history and martial arts.

After having practiced sport activities like swimming and rawing, he dedicated himself to the study of Oriental martial arts, earning a black belt in karate at the Budokan Martial Art Center in Florence.

In year 2000 Iacopo is among the first students to approach Historical Fencing, under the guide of M. Andrea Lupo Sinclair. On the same year, he co-founded the salle d’arme “ASD Confraternita della Spada di Firenze” (CSF). The CSF is affiliated to FISAS, founded in 1995 by M. Sinclair.

In its early years, the CSF was mostly focused on the study of the two handed sword, but in time sidesword, rapier and sabre were also added to its classes.

In 2002 Iacopo became head of salle for Florence, holding the position until 2010. In 2009 he joined the FISAS Academy to become officially a FISAS instructor. In 2012 he become instructor of sidesword and two handed sword, the weapons that are classified as "old school" in the FISAS method.

Today, Iacopo teaches at the CSF. He is a member of the FISAS Academy. Together with his colleagues Francesco Mannini e marco Gentilini he runs Confraternita della Spada di FIrenze.

Francesco Mannini

Francesco Mannini practiced swimming and other sport activities until when, in 2002, he discovered traditional fencing through the teachings of M. Andrea Lupo Sinclair at the Confraternita della Spada (CSF) in Florence. Since that day, he has been passionately practicing historical fencing and in particular two handed sword and sidesword and dagger.

In October 2010 he classified first at the FISAS rapier tournament in Vogogna (Domodossola), and on the following year he again classified first at the FISAS rapier tournament in Trezzo Sull’Adda (Bergamo).

After having completed the FISAS teaching academy in 2011, he became instructor of two handed sword; on the following he also became instructor of side-sword.

Currently he is instructor at the CSF. Since 2009 he is also member of the FISAS Teaching Academy.

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